How Would Your Family's Financial Life Change
 If You KNEW Your Family Had 
The Tools It Needed to Be Set For Success?

Want To Stop Worrying About Your Family's Financial Future...?

2020 has tested many of us, and it's still not over! 

From Covid-19 outbreak, to global shutdown,  to transitioning to working from home, to homeschooling children,  to business failures,  to unemployment,  to loss of loved ones...

WE've had ENOUGH!

But, what if I told you the  FINANCIAL SUCCESS was STILL VERY MUCH possible with a few very small changes?

So that you could have it ALL. The perfect health, a quality lifestyle, the dream career, a successful business,  an awesome team, a happy family, and of course the MONEY to do it all. 

Join me and 23 Top Personal Finances Experts at the Money Bo$$ Summit, where you can begin to learn and take actionable steps to resetstart over and become empowered, no matter what life throws at you!

Become bulletproof and use Money as a tool to Live Your Best Money Bo$$ Life.

Money BO$$ Summit
November 10 - 12, 2020

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Live Your Best Money BO$$ Life!

Take advantage of this special offer to join us during this 3-day virtual event where you will be coached by over 23 TOP personal finance experts that will share direct and actionable advice so you can create your best financial life and start taking first steps right away!

Your summit host, CEO of MainStreet Financial Planning,  a veteran financial planner of over 16 years, Anna Sergunina, CFP®  will join you side-by-side as your personal moderator and contributor during this special event.

After our Money BO$$ Summit, you will understand the full journey of what it takes to accomplish your money dreams with a day-by-day process to ensure you obtain the skills AND confidence you need to succeed financially.
You will learn what behaviors you need to change, what habits to adopt and how to bring your entire family on board to truly start creating the path to the financial life you always wanted.

2020 Summit Schedule

Day 1: Personal Preparation: Learn how to mentally and physically prepare your schedule, goals, daily routines, mindset, family, and health to ensure you create the space that best supports your financial goals.

Day 2: Financial Preparation: Understand the most misunderstood areas of personal finance and how to navigate the most critical financial planning areas for you, your family, and as a business owner.

Day 3: Money Making: Determine the benefits of different investment vehicles and how to best utilize them in every facet of your personal and professional life.

The Money Bo$$ Summit speakers have been featured in...
Why Attend the Money BO$$ Summit?

Virtual and Flexible

From the comfort of your couch, join a jam-packed virtual day with no travel or business clothes required.

Low cost

With our virtual summit, you eliminate unnecessary fees that comes with a traditional in-person conference.

23 Speakers

With 23 personal finance experts, you will gain immediate access to important information at a fraction of the cost and time.

Meet Our Money BO$$es
Speakers and Experts
Shannah Compton Game, CFP®
Personal Finance Expert 
Nick True 
Budgeting Coach
LaShawne Holland
The Queen of Green
Jocelyn Pearson
Scholarships Funding Expert
Bill Allen
Home Flipping Expert
Emily Martinez
Time Hacking Expert
Yuri Sergunin, CCIM, CPA
Commerical Real Estate Expert
Mercy Amaro
Family Communication Coach
Dr. Mary Bell Carlson
Financial Behavior Expert 
Dee-Smart Money Academy
Kids Money Coach
Carmen Rossas, Esq
Legacy Builder
Linda Fullman
Wealth Protector

Bridgette Campbell & Rebecca Hannifan
Network Marketing Sistas
Ariana Lauren
Online Influencer
Alexia Ferrari
Talent Development Strategist
Krista Moreland
Macro-Nutrition Coach
Dr. Sonia Murrey 
Course Development Expert
Sarah Monares
Couples Therapist
Wanda Brown
Business Coach for Women
Ben Lyons
Side Hustle Expert
Todd Jarvis, Esq
Business Strategist
Anish Verma
Business Mindset  Coach
Roger Wohlner
Investment Portfolio Expert
See All the Summit Sessions
All sessions will go live at 10am Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco)
Nov. 10th
 Personal Preparation
  • The Cost of Nutrition
    Krista Moreland 
  • Time Hacking
    Emily Martinez
  • Why should you be vulnerable with your finances?
    Sara Monares
  • The Power of Personal Band
    Alexia Ferrari
  • Ultimate Family Connections
    Marcy Amaro
  • Business Mindset                                                       Anish Verma 
  • Financial Relations
    Dr. Mary Bell Carlson
  • Permission to Launch                                           Wanda Brown
Nov. 11th
 Financial Preparation
  • The happy and practical side of budgeting 
    Nick True
  • Legacy Planning
    Carmen Rosas, Esq
  • "What if” situations as a business owner
    Todd Jarvis, Esq
  • Protecting your Wheels, Walls & Wealth
    Linda Fullman
  • Money Mindset
    Shannah Game Compote
  • Teaching Kids Money Habits
    Dee, Kids Money Academy
  • The Scholarship System
    Jocelyn Pearson
  • Smart Investment Portfolio Moves   Roger Wohlner
Nov. 12th
  Making Money
  • Financial Freedom
    LaShawne Holland
  • Commercial Real Estate
    Yuri Sergunin
  • Flipping Homes
    Bill Allen
  • Building Online Business
    Ariana Lauren
  • Starting a Side Hustle
    Ben Lyons
  • Network Marketing
    Rebecca Hannifan & Bridget Downson Campbell
  • Online Courses Dr. Sonia Murrey
Meet Your Money Bo$$ Summit Host
Anna Sergunina, CFP®
A financial planner for over 16 years,  Anna Sergunina is the CEO of MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc one of the nation's largest fee-only, project-based, planning only focused firms that serves the top 1% of wealthy families.

She is a new mom to 22 months old Liam and a wife to her husband Yuri of 15 years. Not only does she empathize with the challenges her clients are facing, but she uses her own personal and professional experiences as a mom, wife, and business owner to best serve her clients.

An established Money BO$$ in her personal and professional life, Anna is on a mission to help her clients live their best financial life and find their ultimate limitless potential - the career, the striving business, the awesome team, the happy family, the perfect health, and of course, the MONEY to do it all!

During this summit, she dares to share her Money BO$$ network, tips, and tricks so you can be the true MONEY BO$$ you were always meant to be.

Are you ready to become a Money BO$$?

This Summit is for busy professionals who want the perfect body, a quality lifestyle, the dream career, a successful business, an awesome team, a happy family, and of course the MONEY to do it all.
The Summit starts on 
Tuesday, November 10th, 2020
and you'll receive email reminders leading up to the event.
On the day of each event (November 10-12th, 2020), that day's content will become available to all pass holders. Free pass holders will have access to that day's content for up to 24 hours before it’s locked away inside the membership area for All-Access Pass holders. You can buy your All-Access Pass here.
The Summit's content includes pre-recorded video interviews between Anna Sergunina, CFP®- Summit Host, and the Money Bo$$ guest experts.
You can buy the All-Access Pass here.
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